Friday, May 9, 2014

Presos from "Creating Content for a Digital Audience"

HUGE THANKS to all our presenters and attendees for our 26th meetup on "Creating Content for a Digital Audience", in partnership with Maverick Studios.  Here are the slides presented at the event (FYI - all the cool videos which Maverick showed are missing)


Digital Video Best Practices (15 min)
Sidrat Talukdar, Director of Social & Digital Media, Maverick Studios

Future Content - Augment Reality, Virtual Reality & Experiential Marketing (15 min)
Shaheen Siam, Deputy Managing Director, Ice9

Digital News & Blogging (15 min)
Salman Hossain, & GBG Dhaka Manager

Digital Growth & Development (15 min)
Shourav Islam, Unifox & JAAGO

Building Restaurants with Social (15 min)
Sakib Noor Billah, Magnito Digital